Graduate Concentration in Computational Science and Engineering in Atmospheric Sciences 

The Computational Science and Engineering Transcriptable Graduate Concentration program provides MS and PhD students an opportunity to develop a solid base in problem solving using computation as a major tool for modeling challenging problems in science and engineering.

The program is designed so that it can be fit into the graduate curriculum while supplying credit towards their Atmospheric Sciences graduate degree requirements. The concentration requires students to complete 16 graduate credit hours from the lists below: 8 credit hours from core courses and 8 credit hours from computing electives) . The computing elective courses are strongly recommended to be related to the student’s primary field of study. 

Required coursework


Required courses
Core Course Work:  two courses (4-hours each) from the list of CSE Core Courses.     

Computing Electives: two courses (4-hours each) from the list of CSE Computing Electives. The computing electives must be distinct from the core courses.


Total Hours



The list of CSE Core Courses and Computing Electives can be found here:

Additional Requirements


MS and PhD Thesis Requirement:

The graduate thesis must have a significant computational component, and the thesis committee must include at least one CSE-affiliated faculty.

MS, Non-thesis Requirement:

The student must complete a 4-hour independent study/Capstone Project course, where the project is supervised by a CSE-affiliated faculty.  The independent study project must comprise sufficient computational work, and be designed in consultation with the faculty supervisor overseeing the independent study.