Student Organizations

Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (S.C.A.M.S.)

The Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (SCAMS) at Illinois is a local chapter of the American Meteorological Society comprised of majors and non-majors in the field of atmospheric sciences. This organization is comprised of 5 committees that meet regularly in order to maintain and improve the organization. These 5 committees include Academic and Professional, Community Service and Outreach, Fundraising, Social, and Website. While the students come together with a like characteristic of being weather enthusiasts, the main focus of this organization is to educate the public on weather-related subjects and participate in weather-related events. For more information about SCAMS and how to become a member, visit this link.

Department of Atmospheric Sciences Student Organization (D.A.S.S.O.)

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences Student Organization (DASSO) consists of graduate students and faculty within the Atmospheric Sciences department. There are 3 graduate students who serve as officers for one academic year and participate in faculty meetings, can give input concerning graduate affairs, assist in creating the yearly Graduate Student Survey, can represent the department at campus events, and select a seminar speaker every semester with input from students. Although the officers have some duties as liaisons to the faculty, the primary function of DASSO is to bring students and faculty together and to improve morale within the department. Some of the events DASSO coordinates throughout the year are: a BBQ at the start of the fall semester, monthly lunches, a department picnic each semester, a Holiday party in December, Secret Santa gift-giving, and an Easter egg hunt.

Registered Student Organizations At the University of illinois (RSO)

The University of Illinois has over 1,000 registered student organizations. From sports to politics, from mountain climbing to scuba diving, you will find a group that matches your interests. Visit this link to learn more.